Boing release

As I said before, April's release is very small. Tiny. Probably so small you'll only play it once. Don't say I overhyped it, because I didn't. In fact, it's almost not worthy of being called a game. But hey, I made it in about half an hour.

So why did I make it?

Well. A certain game called Guild Wars 2 recently added a (huge!) minigame called "Super Adventure Box", which is in the end a bit of a jumping puzzle. One particular part infuriated me and some of my friends. I decided to recreate it in a little stylized game, to see how long we could all last in such a puzzle.

Well, here it is. Boing. Playable entirely in your web browser (if you have the Unity Web Player, that is). Enjoy.


April entry

My entry for April will be a small game, given that I still need to start and that I'm working on other stuff (and I have real life obligations, too). It will be very stylized and fit into the keyword for April, which is "Spring". The game will be called "Boing!". More info will follow later.

Sorry for the recent lack of blog posts. I've been really busy. Come July I should become more active and produce more content-rich blog posts again, like in January.

See you later!