Playing Vortex Battle against yourself is hard

I think it's time to show off my latest game. It's based on a very popular game, with some added twists. It's Vortex Battle!

Vortex Battle is a game based on Pong. Essentially, it's Pong, but in a circle. With nice colours. And powerups. Vortex Battle is made entirely with JavaScript, and runs in your browser (well, not yet, just mine at the moment) through a website made with HTML5 and CSS. This is my first adventure with JavaScript, but everything is going rather well.

Here's a screenshot of me owning myself:
Watch out, yellow! Green is about to score a point.
Vortex Battle is played by two people on the same keyboard. The goal is to make the ball leave the Vortex. However, if your enemy was the last to touch it, make sure it doesn't!
That might be a little confusing, so there are some graphical hints to help you. The ball is made out of very volatile energy (it isn't, really, but just play along for now) and takes the colour of whatever paddle touched it last. This means that if I'm playing as green and I manage to stop the ball from leaving the vortex, it will now have my colour. If yellow doesn't stop it from leaving the Vortex (the white circle), I will score a point!

Currently, the core gameplay is in place. I will be adding powerups later to make the gameplay more challenging.

All of the source code will be available freely online.

I hope you like what you see and will give Vortex Ball a try! If you have suggestions, comments or questions, please do contact me!

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