Thoughts on January and Unity3D

February is here! This means I am going to write a small blog post about my experience in January.


Unity3D really sped up the development process of AudioCube. Pretty much everything I needed to make the game was provided by the engine. This is ofcourse a great help. I would recommend Unity3D to anyone trying to get into game development who isn't very confident in his or her programming skills. You can do quite a bit without touching too much code.

However, the way the engine works was confusing me at times. I prefer to have full power over my code and since Unity3D uses a certain way of handling scripts, I often had to rethink the way I would program the game. This resulted in a folder of extremely messy code. Note to self: structure code more, especially in environments such as Unity3D.

Happiness with Unity3D: 4/5.

My code

As I said above, my code was pretty messy. Making small changes was sometimes disastrous to the rest of the game. I will need to pay more attention to a cleaner structure in the next few months.

Happiness with my code: 2/5.

The art

As someone who had pretty much no experience with 3D modeling or texturing, I was actually glad with the results. Using a combination of particle effects, simple textures and low-polygon models, I managed to create what I think is a believable, atmospheric environment.

Happiness with the art: 4/5.

The result

I think AudioCube is an enjoyable game. I haven't had a single negative review. The community helped shape the game. While there is still a lot of room for improvement and AudioCube is certainly not suited for a commercial release, I'm quite happy with how my first game turned out. I certainly hope the rest can live up to this, and I hope even more that my next games will be better.

Happiness with the result: 3.5/5.

Average happiness: 3.25/5.

Overall, I think AudioCube was a success. I can't wait to see what the next months of #1GAM will bring me and many others. See you later!

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