AudioCube release

AudioCube is finally finished. You can find the download links below, but there are a couple of announcements first.

First of all, I have decided to remove AudioCube from IndieDB. If I were to add every game I made this year to that site, I would crowd it. It could be considered spam and I personally hate spam. There's way better material on there, and they deserve every bit of publicity they can get. In due time, I will make my own website on which you will be able to find all my games. In the meantime, this blog will (still) be the place where you can find all information.

I will be blogging about my thoughts on Unity somewhere early February, in case that interests anyone.

There will be less posts about the upcoming game early February, but more posts by the end of the month. The reason for this is that I would like to keep this one a secret for longer. A lot has changed in the development of AudioCube (such as the fact I didn't decide what it actually was about until near the end of development) and I'd like to do that behind the scenes for my next game. When it's close to completion, I will post more details about the game itself.
I might post some of the details on how I implement certain features though - in a 'semi-open source' mentality.

Finally, here are the download links to AudioCube, along with a small summary of what the game is all about.

AudioCube - my first game - is a game in which you need to use your ears. By listening closely, you will be able to find the musical cube. Your vision is impaired by the snow and fog in the mountains of Audoria - so you better hope you have a good pair of ears!
AudioCube is played from a first person perspective. You control your character using WASD/ZQSD/Arrow keys and look with the mouse. You can even sprint using SHIFT and jump using SPACE, or rebind these keys in the launcher menu.
The game mechanic is a new concept for most gamers and has recieved a lot of praise from external testers. If you want to see what the fuss is about, you should try it for yourself!
It's totally free and it's only a couple of MegaBytes. What do you have to lose?
 Download links:

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  1. Requesting Linux (64 bit) download link.

    1. Here you go: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/46075527/TDHG/rc01/AudioCube_Lin64.zip