Second day of development

And there we go, another day has passed, some more work has been done.

Let's see, what happened today?
Well, I modeled a gun - and it's probably the worst looking gun ever made, but it serves its purpose.
I've implemented a timer system, about which I will talk later.
Lastly, I've created some sort of pathfinding. In its current state, it's very primitive: it does not account for obstacles or height differences. However, it does precisely what it needs to do. Before I get into what that is, let me elaborate on the timer system and the general idea of the game.

Here's what it is:
This game, which I will refer to as 'TDHG' from now on - the working title happens to be '[T]his [D]warf [H]as [G]uns' - is about retrieving an artifact stolen by a goblin, as you might remember if you read my first post. This goblin, after stealing the artifact, got a bit confused and is lost! This means he is wandering around there somewhere. However, after a certain time, he will find his way back and you will lose the game if you haven't captured him yet. This is ofcourse where the timer comes in to play: according to the difficulty level the player selected, they will have less or more time to find the goblin thief.

Now that you know about the general idea of the game, I can tell you what my pathfinding system needs to do. The goblin must simply wander around, seemingly without a clue. How I achieve this, I might reveal later. It's a pretty simple algorithm.

I haven't completely thought out how you're supposed to find the goblin yet. Playtesting should sort that out.

I haven't really got any new screenshots to show, so I'm sorry for those hungry for pictures. However, feel free to leave a comment!

Until next time!

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