Tiny update

I've been very busy the past week, but I'm still working on AudioCube. My main focus is to have 4 levels before I can release the game. By then, it will probably be around the 31st of January, which is just in time to release the game as "finished". So here's what will be in the game by then:

  • Highscores (already implemented)
  • Normal mode (already implemented)
  • Infinite mode (already implemented)
  • Settings menu (already implemented)
I must say, I never thought I would be able to make a game in a month, but I'm almost there and I'm not planning on stopping now!

So, what's going to happen in February?

I haven't fully decided, but it's probably going to be a hotseat turn based strategy game. While I haven't played a lot of them, I do enjoy the genre. I actually enjoy it more as time passes.

I said this was a tiny update, so this is it for now. When I see you next time, AudioCube should be finished. Exciting!

Meanwhile, check out the latest version of AudioCube on IndieDB!


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