Progress update

Let's start off with a bang.

The game is almost in a stage in which I can say it's ready to move on and go from alpha to beta. I've got quite a bit of news though.

First off: I've changed the name of the game. "No big deal", you might think. Well, you would be mistaking. The name change reflects a much bigger change. This dwarf no longer has guns. In fact, you're not sure it's a dwarf anymore. There are no more enemies and there will be no shooting in this snowy landscape.
Why did I make this decision? Well, as you might know, I gathered information from people who visit my blog, like you, my friends and awesomely supportive girlfriend and in other ways, such as on reddit. Turns out, people really liked the main mechanic - which is to find stuff by listening. What they also liked - I'm paraphrasing - was the atmosphere, the loneliness and the relaxed feeling the game gives you, even though you're on a time limit.

That's why I decided to scrap features and make this game revolve all about that one mechanic. This means I can focus on improving it, instead of risking of having a crappy FPS with a crappy gimick as its main selling point.

Now, on to the actual progress update.

Things that have been added and that I'm working on are:
  • A settings menu, which consists of
    • graphical settings
    • gameplay settings
  • Highscores (!)
  • Difficulty settings
  • A more intuitive graphical interface.
That's pretty much it for now, but once those things are in, it's time to start adding more content and it's time for the beta of...


(which is the new title, as you might have guessed).

This Dwarf Has Guns

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