First post

So I just joined #OneGameAMonth...

And boy is it fun! It's the first time I participate in such an event. I like how it forces you to think small. Usually, I dream big. Very big. But this time, I'm making a smaller game.

January is a particularly busy month for me, but if today is any reference, I'm thinking I will be able to make this work. I've already created a fully working (though rather ugly) main menu and started work on a first level.

So what's my january game about? It's an 3D  First Person 'Hunting game' in which you, a dwarf, must recover an ancient artifact stolen by a goblin. That's pretty much the whole game. I got the idea from another game I was working on, which was a sidescrolling action game in which you could create your own spells.

Anyway, I'm getting sidetracked here... While I'm not the greatest artist and while most of this is still placeholder 'art', I think this is looking pretty good already... So without further ado, here are two screenshots!

Yeah, Blueball entertainment. I had a spare image of a blue marble which I made a while ago... ;)

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  1. At first, I tried to enter that hole.. :) Nice work, my love!